Virtually Yours VA


Looking to be more organized and productive? A virtual assistant is the affordable alternative you have been looking for to hiring or expanding your administrative staff. We offer remote administrative services in package and ad hoc form. Not only will you save money, but I help you to become a more efficient and successful professional. Its time for you to take back your most valuable commodity: your time.

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What is a VA?

A virtual assistant offers all of the perks of a “Girl Friday” without the hassle of employing someone. A VA is an independent contractor, freelance consultant that offers to take care of your administrative tasks in a virtual capacity. Although visits to your office are possible, most work will be done at a place of the VA’s choosing and during the VA’s hours. In turn, you are only paying for actual time worked, instead of paying whether the employee is working or fraternizing, etc. You aren’t required to pay taxes or insurance or any other employee benefits. You don’t have to budget for bonuses at the end of the year. You get the work done for less money and less risk.

What Services Does Virtually Yours VA offer?

We offer all general administrative tasks as well as some speciality excel spreadsheet/database creation, copywriting, editing, project management and market research. For a full list of services, go here.

How Much Does It Cost?

VYVA offers two different pricing options: package pricing and ad-hoc pricing. The per-project pricing will depend on several factors including: type of project, projected length of project or man-hours required, complexity of project, specialization of project, etc. You would give all information on the project and receive a qualified quote.

Package pricing allows you to lock in a certain number of hours of work for the month at a discounted price. Any of the services on the services page are included, except for social media management. You can check out those prices here.